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Rimini: Museo Civico, lato corto di capitello imposta
Impost capital with a central cross and acanthus leaves

Ravello: duomo, particolare della porta di bronzo
Bronze gate with figures of Saints and figures from the Bible

Chiesa di San Gavino - coperchio di sarcofago romano
Lid of a roman sarcophagus, with episodes of symposium and grape harvest

Porto Torres, Chiesa di San Gavino - sarcofago romano, particolare (III sec.)
Detail of a scene, with a woman wearing a tunic and holding a branch in her hand

Porto Torres, Chiesa di San Gavino - sarcofago romano (III sec.)
Sarcophagus with a central gate and hences; Standing figures of a man and a woman occupy the corners of the sarcophagus. On the lid is written "S. GAVINVS".

Porto Torres, Chiesa di San Gavino - Sarcofago Romano (III sec.)
Sarcophagus with hences and a central scene with a man sitting and holding a roll and a woman. Two figures are also depicted on the corners. On the lid is written "S. JANVARIVS".

Porto Torres, Chiesa di San Gavino. sarcofago romano (III sec.)
Sarcophagus with hences; in the centre of the front part there is a clipeo with a human figure wearing a pallio; under the clipeo there are two cornucopias; on the corners two male semi-naked figures are depicted. Over the lid is written "S. PRTVS".

Abbazia di Pomposa, VII sec. (Ferrara)- il lato destro
Right side of the external wall of the Church, with the bell tower

Abbazia di Pomposa (Ferrara), affreschi del 1000 esistenti in chiesa
Frescoes with geometrical motifs and two saints

Marmi-cattedrale-sacello di S. Cassio<br /><br />
Sarcophagus with a handled table

Roma, &quot;Coemeterium - Basilica&quot; di S. Agnese f.l.m. sulla via Nomentana e basilica di Onorio I
Rome, Cemetery - Basilica of S. Agnes outside the walls, on the street Nomentana and basilica of Honorius I.

Roma: &quot;Coemeterium - Basilica&quot; di S. Lorenzo f.l.m. sulla via Tiburtina e la basilica Pelagiano - onoriana
Rome: Cemetery - basilica of Saint Lawrence outside the walls, at the street Tiburtina and the basilica Pelagiano - onoriana.

Roma : S. Lorenzo fuori le mura, tentativo di ricostruzione grafica
St Lawrence outside the walls, attempt of graphic reconstruction

Roma: Coemeterium - Basilica di via Prenestina
Rome, Cemetery - basilica at the Prenestina street

Roma : &quot;Coemeterium - Basilica&#039;&#039; di Ss. Pietro e Marcellino sulla via Labicana
Rome, Cemetery - basilica of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus at the Labicana street.

Roma, Basilica di Massenzio
Rome: Basilica of Maxentius, in the Roman forum. Its construction began in 308 under the emperor Maxentius and was completed by Constantine I in 312, after the defeat of Maxentius at the battle of the Milvian Bridge. The building consisted of a…
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