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Young woman
Fragmentary statue of a naked young woman standing with her left leg up. Arms are lost.

Niobide maggiore
Statue pertaining to the Niobid sculptural group. A naked young man is holding a drape above his head. Roman imperial work after a 4th century BC Greek original.

Niobide dying
Statue of the young Niobide dying. The figure is representing while raising the mantle above the head.The statue was discovered in Rome, near the Lateran.

Statue of Euterpe, Muse of lyric poetry and Music. She is holding a scroll in her hands.

Statue of Thalia, Muse of who presided over comedy and idyllic poetry. She is holding a theater mask in her hand.

Diana of Ephesus
Statue of Diana decorated with protomes of lions, griffins, horses, bulls, bees, and also sphinxes and flowers. On the chest there are four rows of breasts symbol of fertility, while the breastplate enclosed by a garland of helichrysum and acorns…

Bust of Britannico, son of Claudiua and Messalina.

Statue of Emperor Claudius as a heroic nude figure. The statue was found in the excavations of the theatre of Caere, in southern Etruria.

Statue of Emperor Claudius (depicted as Jupiter) celebrating a sacrifice. The statue comes from Lanuvium (Latium).

Bust of Emperor Claudius

Head of Emperor Nero

Head of Bacchus with beard and grapes around his head. The sculpture comes from a private collection (Riminaldi collection)

Male statue
Male statue of a naked bearded man holding a paten in his right hand.

Statue of a Genius making a sacrifice. He is standing "velato capite" and wears a heavy toga holding a paten and a cornucopia. The features of the face probably represent emperor Augustus. The statue was found in Naples (Palazzo dei Duchi di…

Statue of a young man making a sacrifice. He is standing "velato capite" and wears a heavy toga holding a paten and a cornucopia. The features of the portrayed man are similar to those of the series of portraits known as "Augustus Louvre-type. The…

Bronze Aries
Bronze statue of a standing aries. Profile

Julia the Elder
Statue of Julia the Elder, daughter of Augustus Caesar holding a paten.

Hercules and Omphale
The sculptural group of Hercules and Omphale ( Roman copy after a 1st century BC original). From Naples.

Statue of a naked young athlete, wearing a light mantle. From Naples.

Sculptures from the National Museum of Naples.
Three sculptures depicting: Alexander the Great riding a horse, Venus and an Amazon with her horse.
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