(Ed.ne Alinari) N.° 26396. Roma - Basilica Vaticana - Grotte. Sarcofago di Giunio Basso Prefetto di Roma (359)



Front of the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, praefectus urbi Romae: it features relief scenes arranged in rows in a columnar framework. Top row, from left to right: Sacrifice of Isaac, Judgement or Arrest of Peter, Enthroned Christ with Peter and Paul (Traditio Legis), a double scene of the Trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate; bottom row, from left to right: Job on the Dunghill, Adam and Eve, Christ's Entry into Jerusalem, Daniel in the Lions' Den, Arrest or leading to Execution of Paul.



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Museum of St. Peter's Basilica

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University of Bologna

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Fondazione Federico Zeri - Fototeca Zeri, Università di Bologna, inv. 2876 - R. Università di Roma, Gabinetto di Storia dell'Arte del Rinascimento e Moderna -60833

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