Holy Bishopric of Morphou: St Christopher, Church of the Holy Virgin in Moutoullas

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St Christopher was a soldier originated from the Land of the Savages. He lived during the reign of the emperor Decious, when he suffered martyrdom by beheading. He is depicted as a rider on a brown horse, galloping to the left. The saint is holding the bit reins of the horse with his left hand and with his right one is raising a sword with a grip decorated with a cross. He is carrying on his back a richly decorated shield, while his cloack is waving to the back. There is an inscription : ''+ Invocation of the servant of the God, Christophoros Omotes and his wife''



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Holy Bishopric of Morphou

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13th-15th c. AD (Late Byzantine Period)

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Holy Bishopric of Morphou

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