Cyprus Medieval Museum: Bowl (MM155, MM RR 181, 1943/VII-30/1A)

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Cypriot Sgraffito. Upturned ring base. Conical body. Brown clay, green glaze on interior and also on rim exterior. Decoration: Large fish with a smaller fish above it. Their mouths are connected with a line with hatched vertical strokes. Fragmented. Restored. Rim partly damaged. Paphos Workshop.

Current Ownership

Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus

Chronology Specific

13th c. AD


Height: 7 cm
Diameter: top 17.2-17.5 cm
Diameter of base: 7.4 cm


Chronology Period

13th c. AD

Content Provider

Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus

Original Collection

Medieval Collection

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