Cyprus Medieval Museum: Cross (MM496, 1957/X-3/1)

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Silver Plated. Only on three arms of the cross the silver is preserved. Incised Decoration: Left Arm: Virgin Mary in a Medallion. Center: the Crucification. Right arm: St. John Theologos. On the lower arm below the Crucification: Archangel Gabriel and just below him a protrusion with schematized tree. There are two knobs on the edges of the arms. Back side: Iron with no silver plating.
Provenance: Kouka, Church of Stavros



Current Ownership

Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus


Chronology Specific

12th c. AD


Height: 40.8 cm
Width: 27.8 cm


Chronology Period

8th-12th c. AD (Middle Byzantine Period)

Content Provider

Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus

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Medieval Collection

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