Holy Bishopric of Morphou: Sts Barbara, Marina and Kyriaki, Church of the Archangel Michael in Pedoulas

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St Barbara , of noble descent, is pictured first with garments lavishly jeweled with pearls. In the right hand, she holds a blessing cross and in the other a sharp-bottomed vessel of glass, probably invoking a pharmaceutical container that invokes her capacity to heal infectious diseases. St Marina is with her distinctive scarlet maphorion.She holds up the cross in her right hand whilst raising the other to her waist with the palm open, a token of tolerance and patience in the face of martyrdom. St Kyriaki pointing to her aristocratic origin wears a crown with a fine gossamer rectangular fabric. Six medallions are symmetrically arranged. Within each, the six days of the week are personified in bus. They all have a female appearance with the exception of Saturday that is represented by a beardless young man.

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Holy Bishopric of Morphou

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13th-15th c.AD (Late Byzantine Period)

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Holy Bishopric of Morphou

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