"Sacra Regni Hungariae Corona". (Veduta frontale)



Emperor Michael VII Doukas


Known as “The Hungarian Holy Crown”. The crown is composed of two parts: the diadem with 9 pendants and frontispieces (the so-called “Corona Graeca”) covered by an upper band (the so-called “Corona Latina”), with a crooked cross on top. The “Corona Graeca” was a diplomatic gift of byzantine emperor Michael VII Doukas to Géza I, king of Hungary. The primary decorations of the diadem are a series of Byzantine cloisonné enamel plaques, depicting the byzantine emperor, Christ, the Archangels, Saints, the king of Hungary, etc., alternating with gemstones.

Current Ownership

Hungarian Parliament

Chronology Specific

11th c. AD

Chronology Period

Middle Byzantine period


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University of Bologna

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Giuseppe Bovini Archive (cliché 2764)

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